The Village Panchayat of BORIM is situated in the PondaTaluka of South Goa District. It has a population of 8257, with 4211 males and 4046 female poputhtion. The Panchayat consists of 11 wards and has 11 elected representatives. (Male 06, Female 05). There are 15 households of SC and 202 households of.STs.
The Panchayat has 7 primary schools, with an enrolment of 103 students. There are 7 A WC with 87 children. It has one river, 12 streams, one waterfall and surrounded with mountain valley of Shri. Siddhanath, a crown of Borirn Village, There is one SHC centre. The distance between the PHC and the Panchayat is 5 Km, the distance between the main hospital (ID) and the Panchayat is 5 Kms. The major source of income for the Panchayat is the house tax, fees, Octroi and other grants.

Borim Village Census Data